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You don’t have to love fitness to get fit; you just need to push yourself. That’s what the brand new, Beachbody Shift Shop program is all about. As long as you are willing to get off your booty and work out – starting with 25 minutes a day – you’ll see results by the end of the three-week exercise system.

But I know what you’re thinking,

Is Shift Shop program hard?

Why is Shift Shop for me?

How do I know Shift Shop works?

Will I see Shift Shop results?

These are the most commonly asked questions when it comes to any new fitness program. You have every right to think it’s too hard or not for you but the first step is to get rid of that mindset!

Instead, focus on the six reasons why you’ll love the Shift Shop program.

Shift Shop Base Kit: $59.85

Shift Shop Deluxe Kit: $119.70

All Program On Demand: $99.00

Shakeology Shift Shop Challenge Pack (DVD): $160

Shakeology & Annual All Access On Demand: $160

Shift Shop Performance Pack



Train with elite functional fitness trainer

With the rise of technology, anyone can record a workout and upload it. As such, not all online workout programs or even fitness trainers are created equally. In order to capitalize on your efforts, you need to train with a professional that knows what he or she is doing – and Chris Downing is it.

He’s often referred to as a Super Trainer, due to his unique approach to fitness that isn’t commonly found within the industry. Chris doesn’t just train beginners or experts. Instead, he designed a program that works for everyone – regardless of their current fitness level. So, whether you’re a self-proclaimed couch potato or an elite athlete, this program will work for you. Why, you ask? Keep reading…


Ramp up program designed to shift your body into next fitness level

The reason Shift Shop works so powerfully for different individuals at all kinds of fitness levels is because it’s a ‘ramp up’ program. This means that you start working at a level you’re comfortable with. As soon as you’re complacent with that level, the program shifts you into the next level. So, you never stop gaining muscle, shedding weight or improving your fitness. You’re constantly ramping up and increasing your health and fitness.


You only need three weeks

Don’t let the ‘see results in three weeks’ deter you. This is not a get-fit-fast program. You will be working for it and because of that, you will see results. There’s no magic pill or potion. If you want to actually achieve your health and fitness goals you have to be willing to work for them.

But the good news is, the results you see in three weeks with the Shift Shop is beyond what you’ll experience with some generic program. And by the end of week three, fitness will be a habit and it won’t feel like a chore to do.


You receive a nutrition plan

As you’ve likely heard, it’s 80% diet and 20% fitness. So, in order to actually shed weight and sculpt your body, you have to change your diet. Unfortunately, this is often the hardest part of losing weight but with the nutrition plan provided, you have everything you need. You know what to eat and what to cook, and you’re never left without a meal which is crucial as those days often lead to fast food visits!


So, start the Shift Shop. It doesn’t matter how out of shape or how athletic you are. This fitness program is designed to work for everyone and for all fitness levels.

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