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With the summer season well upon us, you’ve likely been craving ice cream. Who hasn’t? It’s the one season of the year that has a staple food you can’t fight off. Everywhere you look, there’s an ice cream shop, stand or store, and the cravings can be all too much to bear. However, when you know about these healthy alternatives to ice cream, you don’t have to sacrifice your health and fitness goals nor do you have to cut your taste buds short!

If you’ve already been snacking on too many dairy ice creams this summer, start the Body Beast online fitness program to get your health and fitness back to what it was. Then, stop eating bad ice creams and opt for the healthier kinds!

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Healthy Alternatives to Ice Cream

Prepare your taste buds for a serious splash of summer flavor. Even the pickiest of eaters are snacking down on these healthy alternatives to ice cream.

Coconut Ice Cream

Hands down, one of the best healthy alternatives to ice cream is coconut ice cream. The best part? It doesn’t taste like coconut at all! Instead, every bite actually tastes like the real deal. So, you get everything you love without the awful side effects of a sugar overload and intense dose of dairy.


Chocolate Covered Bananas

I know this one doesn’t sound too appetizing at first but don’t knock it until you try it. Frozen bananas can be turned into a vast array of delicious and healthy alternatives to ice cream. You can combine them with some yogurt, nuts, fruits, chocolate – you name it – all sans the high sugar.


Greek Frozen Yogurt

If you’re not in the mood to cook up some healthy alternatives to ice cream, then opt for Greek Frozen Yogurt. It’s the next best thing for your health and fitness goals, and it still tastes amazing. You can also make Greek frozen yogurt with as little as three ingredients and a freezer.


Frozen Kefir

As someone who doesn’t like kefir, I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor of frozen kefir. I was even happier when I didn’t feel awful after eating it, which is almost always inevitable after eating dairy versions. Not only that, but I actually felt better.

Frozen Kefir is packed with probiotic. So, as you chow down on your favorite summer snack, you’re improving your gut health which is key to optimal health and fitness.


Frozen Fruits Blended Up

Yes, you can make your own ice cream with nothing more than some frozen fruits. You can buy a machine that squishes the ingredients into a sorbet but you can also use a blender and get the same texture. Just be aware of how much you eat because even natural sugar isn’t good for you if you’re having a large amount.


There’s always an abundance of other healthy alternatives to ice cream you can make with some key ingredients. So, prepare to enjoy the treats of summer without putting your health and fitness goals on the back burner.

Add in Body Beast to take care of the unhealthy ice creams you’ve been having thus far, and you’re ready to take advantage of everything this season has to offer.



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