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March 20, 2017

To become a fitness trainer or to become a fitness coach; that is the question. In fact, it’s a question a lot of people have. There’s a common misconception that both a fitness trainer and a fitness coach are the same thing but they are not. In order to prevail within the industry, you need to make sure you’re moving into the position you want. In other words, if you don’t want to spend hours upon hours at the gym, you want to be an online fitness coach instead of a personal trainer. Here are the differences that separate these two fitness careers apart from one another.

An online fitness coach trains a lifestyle choice

One of the biggest differences between an online fitness coach and a personal trainer is what they train. A fitness trainer is there to train a client during the time spent together, whereas a fitness coach trains clients for the hours they are not together.
As an online fitness coach, you are teaching your clients how to stay on top of their health and fitness goals, even when you’re not with them. It’s a lifestyle, as opposed to an hour at the gym to “get gains, bruh”.

An online fitness coach sets up a plan of action

A fitness trainer may very well provide their clients with a plan of action but it isn’t the same as what an online fitness coach would provide. Instead, a trainer would set up a plan for the time spent together in the gym… Training.
An online coach provides a guide for a lifestyle change. They provide a service that extends outside of the gym, and well into meal plans, motivation, habits, etc.

An online fitness coach can work anywhere

If you’re not a fan of spending hours in a sweaty gym, then you may want to join a team of online fitness coaches because they can work anywhere. Since fitness coaches help their clients achieve their goals from several different directions, they can work from home, from a park, from a café, from across the sea – wherever. You just have to be available, whereas a fitness coach has to be physically present.

An online fitness coach has a different end goal for clients

Another major difference between a fitness trainer and a fitness coach is what their end goal is. A fitness trainer’s goal is to get their clients to get through the workout session. An online coach’s end goal is to get through to someone; to show them how to live a new, healthy and thriving life while combating ever hurdles that come along the way.

An online coach works for passion instead of a paycheck

The differences between a trainer and a coach is as simple as that. Anyone can be a personal trainer as long as they’re fit and have experience and knowledge within the fitness industry. They train people as a job. However, an online fitness coach doesn’t see their work as a “job”. Instead, it’s a career choice and one they chose because it’s their passion.
The best way to describe the differences between a fitness trainer and a fitness coach is that training is something you do to a client, whereas fitness coaching is something you do with your client.

If your motivation is to truly make an impact in people’s lives, then you are definitely suited to join our team of online fitness coaches.

February 15, 2017

It seems like everyone is aspiring to be an online fitness coach or personal trainer. Health is a trend today like it has never been before, so jumping in the gym with the intention of becoming a trainer happens on the daily.

However, not everyone is fit out to be a personal trainer. Some are just better off doing reps for their own good.

But then, there are the kinds of people who need to become a fitness coach. The kind of health fanatics who have no idea that becoming an online coach is possible; the kind of gym addicts who resonates what it means to be a good personal trainer.  It could very well be that’s capable of having a thriving career within the fitness industry, but you just won’t know until you go through these signs you should become a fitness coach.

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You’re all about the technique

It’s true that anyone can bust out some reps, but not all do so with a focus on their technique. If you’re the kind of person who has a mission to properly perform all fitness movements, from squats to deadlifts, running and lunges, then you may have a future as a fitness coach.

Being a personal trainer isn’t about getting people to do movements. It’s your job to teach them how to reach their goals safely, properly and efficiently.  As such, you have to have knack for technique.

You’re always eager to network with all kinds of people

Networking is the key to becoming a successful online coach. You need to network to attract clients, network to establish valuable relationships with current ones, and network with influencers to increase opportunity and success.

Being a fitness trainer is just as much about your personality and social skills as it is about fitness. After all, if you can’t work with all kinds of people you’ll constantly be faced with limitations within your clientele.

So if you find yourself always chatting it up in the gym locker room, helping an obviously-confused gym-goer with a fitness machine or teaching your friends about food and fitness, you should think about becoming a fitness coach.

You can never obtain too much information

Successful fitness coaches always go above and beyond the gym. They don’t just train their clients with that they know. Instead, they conduct a significant amount of research for each client and adapt their fitness coaching to suit the specific needs of each individual.  Even when there’s no reason to research, successful fitness coaches will be reading the latest articles, statistics and studies produced within the industry. They can never have too much information. If you’re the kind of health fanatic who is always current with the trends, news and industry research, personal training may be in your future.

You always lead by example

If you find yourself being aware of your actions and your surroundings at all times, then becoming a fitness coach could very well be an excellent thing for you. Success fitness coaches understand the importance of their actions. They understand that if they’re telling their clients not to have greasy food, they can’t either. Powerful leaders lead by example. They don’t preach to the choir and then do the complete opposite, nor do they place themselves on a pedestal and give excuses as to why they can do something they told others not to do. Successful fitness coaches are one with their clients; they create a team to battle their clients’ goals together.


Not all personal trainers and fitness coaches are created equally. So, if any of these four signs relate to you, there could be a successful position within the fitness industry waiting for someone like you.

January 11, 2017

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Becoming an online fitness coach was inarguably the best decision I’ve ever made. It sounds cliché, I know, and you’ve probably heard tons of fitness coaches say the exact same thing without meaning it. However, I was truly lost without fitness in my life, which is essentially why I connect so uniquely with aspiring fitness coaches and enthusiasts across the United States,

But becoming a personal trainer isn’t all bubblegum and candies. That would simply make you a hypocrite. There are some things I wish I knew before indulging into the world of personal training.  Not that I would change it for a thing either way.


You are your product

It doesn’t matter how much you love big, juicy, greasy fatty foods because when you become a fitness trainer, you will no longer be able to enjoy it like you once did. When you dine out, you have the potential to run into clients which mean you’ll be totally busted if you’re eating poorly. Not only that but you’ll feel so guilty. You can’t tell your fitness clients how important it is to eat healthy, and then go chow down on an artery-clogging burger. It just doesn’t work like that. As soon as you step into the fitness coach realm, you are your product.

Online fitness coach, personal trainer, coaching, fitness trainer, fitness coach

Your social life will change

When you dive into the health industry as a fitness trainer, your social life instantly changes. While your friends are out boozing their weekends away, you’re getting gains. But there’s more to expect than just that.

Just like a Doctor, you will be asked for advice by friends, family, and even strangers… All the time. It’s not a big deal, right? You’re happy to help everyone in need. However, when you can’t enjoy one night out without a friend asking for a detailed, hand-written fitness program or your opinion on calorie intake, you’ll start to get annoyed. You may need to remind your loved ones that you’re off the clock and that you just want to have a good time. Then, slip them your business card for a joke, if nothing else. Your friends and family will get the hint. This is your career, and your expertise doesn’t come for free. Even if you do offer your services to them for free, it’ll remind them that you have a time and place for fitness matters.

It isn’t always rewarding

There’s no denying that being a fitness coach has its rewards. There’s nothing like seeing the look on a client’s face when they realize they’ve reached their goal. However, not all clients will succeed and for the ones that do, not all of them will be thankful.

Fitness coaches don’t always get credit where credit is due. This can be hard to fathom, but you’ll just have to learn to give yourself a pat on your back when clients don’t. At the end of the day, you know that you contributed greatly to their success.


The fitness industry is an amazing thing to be apart of. It’s your career to help people meet their goals. It can’t get any better than that. So, learn how to be the best fitness coach you can be today with me, Coach Douglee.


January 4, 2017

Online fitness coach, personal trainer and coaching

Anyone can claim to be an online fitness coach, but very few live up to the name. Being a personal trainer or an online fitness coach isn’t just about showing people how to improve. It’s about being a source of motivation, a source of strength and a source of tough love. It requires a passion for fitness, a love of people and knowledge that can’t be bought. Here are the kinds of things that separate a truly passionate, life-changing online fitness coach from the average Joes found in every gym.

You never stop learning

You’ve spent years getting gains, you have a wall full of certifications and you know your stuff. So obviously you can start coaching, right? Wrong.

Being an online fitness coach isn’t about what you have done in the past. It’s about what you do in the now, and in the now you should never stop learning. You can be the most experienced personal trainer out there, but if you think you know it all, you’ll never reach your pinnacle of success.

So, never stop learning. Perfect every Beachbody program that gets released, join online courses to further your expertise, and make it a passion to become a better online fitness coach each day.

You don’t fear failure

As any personal trainer knows, whether online or at a physical gym, failure is inevitable. Everyone has hurdles they need to overcome, and mistakes are bound to be made. You won’t always be able to get every single client to reach their ideal weight by a set time, nor will you be able to become the best in the industry right away.

Becoming a successful online fitness coach takes time and patience because there will be failures. Whether it’s a failure with a business tactic or when coaching a client, it’s inevitable. No one is perfect all the time, but what makes you a good online fitness coach is how you deal with that failure.

Online fitness coach, personal trainer and coaching

You focus on your fitness clients and not your fitness guru

It’s normal to want to capture the attention of your favorite fitness guru. After all, you’ve worked hard to get to where you are today and recognition from the industry’s best would be a huge accomplishment. So naturally, you start producing content that attracts the big guns. Doing so may entice huge fitness gurus to look at your stuff but they’ll quickly scroll on.

That’s because fitness gurus understand how important it is to be focused on impressing your clients, as opposed to seeking approval from the fitness industry. And when you invest your time, passion and dedication to producing content for your clients, fitness guru recognition and praise follows.


You can be an online fitness coach, or you can be the kind of online fitness coach that makes a different, not only within your own life but within your clients’ lives, as well as within the fitness industry as a whole.


So if you’re ready to become the kind of online fitness coach that follows these three rules, join my team of professional coaching today.

September 26, 2015


Coach opportunity

Beachbody not only changes bodies, but it’s a great side hustle to earn some extra cash.

Everyone knows about Beachbody’s insanely successful at home fitness programs; P90X, 21 Day Fix, Body Beast, etc, but there is an entire mostly unexplored world in Beachbody for people who seek to get out of debt, earn extra money or even earn a full time income.

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This is what answers all of your questions about our business.

There’s only one thing on par with being in the best shape of your life…FINANCIAL FITNESS!


Finally the cards are stacked heavily in your favor to change your financial life behind a proven system, nationally recognized products, lucrative revenue sharing and a community of support to help ensure your success!


TOP 10 Business Opportunities of being a Team Beachbody Coach:

  1. More than $120 million marketing dollars a year spent on television supporting the products you sell.
  2. All of the biggest names in fitness products, P90X, Insanity, 21 Day Fix, Body Beast, Brazil Butt, Turbo Fire, T-25, etc…
  3. Up to 70,000 direct leads a week shared with qualified coaches from product sales
  4. More than one third of adults in America are obese, fueling  $60 billion in annual weight loss product sales and more than 50 million health club memberships (that could use a home fitness alternative like Beachbody®)
  5. A network marketing business with a BBB A+ rating with double digit growth each year
  6. Top coaches in the entire organization emerging after being in the business for just over a year (still think it’s too late to get involved?)
  7. Proven social media marketing and training that helps you create a national business from your own home on your own time.
  8. Word-of-mouth from over 10 million customers producing in excess of $1.3 billion in total sales.
  9. A simple system that has been built by regular people from prior-military to stay at home moms. There is no pre-requisite for business, marketing, sales or financial start-up capital. Just a passion to help yourself and others at the same time.
  10. A team approach where support and accountability are standard.

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Disclaimer: Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located on the Coaches Corner on  for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes.

Please feel free to review our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings as well.


April 13, 2015

Accountability Is What Sets Beachbody Apart!

The story below is one from a few years back, before we had the big social networks. Since then, the bonds of new relationships and accountability partners has grown even greater, thus your opportunity for success! 

This is a unique time in history, where relationships are cultivated while sitting alone in a room at a keyboard. Some of my dearest friendships that I’ve developed in the past 10 years have begun in this way and if I hadn’t experienced it, I might be more than just a bit skeptical. Can you “hug” an email? Can you really call someone a friend whom you’ve never seen face-to-face? Some might say no, but that would not be someone who’s truly experienced the power of the Beachbody Coaching community!

Accountability PartnersI’d never been on a message board when I started posting in the Beachbody Boards (pre FaceBook days) back in 2003. I didn’t even know there WERE boards to find other people going through the program I was going through until I learned of them from a fellow Beachbody member. I logged on and started posting my journey and sent this question out into the internet abyss: “Who’s with me?” It wasn’t long before someone answered. And then another. A “Challenge Group” was born. We lived in different states, different time zones, our family sizes varied, as did our lifestyles. We had different religions, different backgrounds, some worked doing manual labor, some crunched numbers for big companies, and some (like me) were stay at home moms. It didn’t matter. What drew us together was the common goal of weight loss, reclaiming our health, and going through it …TOGETHER.

Some people would drop back in participation because life pressed in, and when they did the community would reach out and tell them they were welcome back at any time, and assured them that they were missed. Because of that we didn’t lose anyone. It was a safe place to come back to; where successes were celebrated and backsliding was forgiven. Every Challenge Group brought new friends into my life, and because we went through something so personal as weight loss together, bonds were/are created and in some cases, life long friendships are made.

Yes, if you workout consistently and eat well consistently you WILL get results. But when you add the third cord to that system – the cord of accountability – not only will you see the odds of getting results climb, but you’ll feel a part of something. Something new, something good, something that will make fitness and healthy eating a lifestyle and not just a passing phase.

That’s the magic of Beachbody. People need people, and with Team Beachbody’s Challenge Groups for accountability you WILL cross the goal line. And you’ll do so linking arms with those who ran the race with you! ☺