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August 21, 2017

Yoga is not a new exercise by any means but it has recently become a healthy lifestyle choice as opposed to simply being a workout. People are now diving into nutrition, Buddha bowls, meditation, and mindfulness in addition to their yoga practice, all of which comes with some powerful benefits. So, if you’re ready to start filling your Instagram feed with yoga pictures, here’s what you need to know to get started.

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5 Powerful Yoga Benefits

The yoga benefits far exceed what meets the eye. While this powerful exercise will tighten and tone your body beyond what you could ever believe by what-appear-to-be simple movements, the benefits extend well into your emotional, mental, and spiritual health.


Increase Immunity

One of the best yoga benefits is its ability to boost immunity and improve your health at a cellular level. A Norwegian study actually provides that the changes occur while you’re still busting a move on your yoga mat, and extend well into the rest of the day.


Inner Peace

The modern world comes with an insane amount of stress, all of which you carry on your body, likely in your shoulders. By learning how to control your breathing and find peace in your surroundings, you instantly experience a decrease in stress. Yoga is also powerful for naturally treating mental illnesses, such as anxiety and depression for this main reason.

Online yoga course to try:  3 Week Yoga Retreat


Decrease Migraines

For anyone who has ever had a migraine, you know that they’re the worst pain out there. You’ll do anything to get rid of them but you don’t have to take an abundance of medications to ease the pain. Instead, just do some yoga. Studies have shown that yoga decreases the frequency and lessens the pain of migraines in as little as three months of practice.


Feel Energized

Workout is the best form of an energy boost you can ever treat yourself to. So, put down the energy shots and caffeine. Instead, do an online yoga program and feel revitalized and rejuvenated. It’s the best way to increase your levels of energy, naturally.

Online yoga course to try: PiYo Challenge


Improve Relationships

Yoga benefits have even proven to improve relationships. Since you’ll be happier, more relaxed and peaceful in general, you’re able to navigate through the twists and turns of a relationship better.

Online yoga course to try: Tai Cheng


If attending a yoga class intimidates you, stick with online yoga programs from Beachbody. They have all the yoga benefits you’re looking for and you don’t even have to leave your house.

August 14, 2017

Planks are the powerhouse of core fitness but what most people forget is that planks also work your arms, back, butt, legs, chest – you name it. While your core is definitely the main target, planks are a complete-body exercise that tone every part of you. So, plank away!

5 Plank Exercise Variations for a Killer Core Workout

Here are the top 5 plank exercise variations to do that will give you killer abs and a killer bod.

Standard Plank

Start with a good ole’ classic plank. If you’re a beginner, you can start this exercise on your knees until you progress and are able to do a plank on your toes. The key is to have your elbows (or hands) directly under your shoulders and lift your entire body up from your hips. Keep your glutes tucked under and straighten your body to target your core muscles, along with many others.

Forearm Plank Push Ups

Forearm plank push ups are exactly how they sound. While in a plank, lower down from your left hand to your left forearm, then your right hand to your right forearm. Then, lift back up to your left hand and then your right hand. Continue alternating and you’ll get in a killer arm and core workout.

Single-Arm Plank

Once you’ve perfected the standard plank, you can move onto a single-arm plank. This is the exact same as the standard plank, only you lift your arms in intervals. While in a plank, you lift your left arm and extend it out in front of you, and hold for a couple of seconds. Repeat on the other side and continue alternating.

Single-Leg Plank

A single-leg plank is similar to the prior, only with your legs instead of your arms. So, get yourself into a standard plank and raise your left leg off the ground. Hold for a couple of seconds then do the same for your right leg. Continue alternating for an awesome workout for your glutes and core.

Spiderman Plank

The Spiderman plank is a core exercise everyone should have in their fitness regime. When in a plank, lift your left leg and bring it towards the outside of your left elbow, crunching and tucking your stomach at the same time. Return to the plank and do the same for the right side. Continue alternating for an ab-burning workout.

So, start your planks today and you’ll be well on your way to a tighter, toned stomach and a strong core.

August 7, 2017

You’re not the first person to ask how to train like a boxer and you certainly won’t be the last. Boxers are absolutely ripped but don’t be mistaken, they put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get and maintain their physique. However, there are some shortcuts you can take to start training like a boxer without having to actually get in the ring. Here are my online fitness training secrets.

How To Train like a Boxer

These six secrets are all you need to start exercising like a fighter, training like a boxer, and having your physique follow en suite.

Do the Core De Force

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With a name like that, you can’t go wrong. If you’re serious about learning how to train like a boxer, this is an excellent online fitness program to start. Core De Force is a 30-day workout program that incorporates various forms of martial arts. One day, you might be doing kickboxing, the next you might be doing boxing, Muay Thai, flying kicks – who knows. Every day is something new but the intensity remains prominent well throughout.

Tackle the Turbo Fire

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If the workout program sounds intense, it almost always is. After all, you’ve never seen incredible results from an online workout system called, “Pretty, Simple and Pretty Simple Fitness”. Jokes aside, Turbo Fire is a seriously intense workout that will get you training like a boxer. It’s a mix of High Intensity Interval Training, which is often dubbed as being the key to getting a sculpted body.

The Masters Hammer and Chisel

train like a boxer, exercise like a boxer, how to train like a boxer, how to exercise like a boxer, beach body, online fitness, workout program,

One look at this online fitness program and you’ll know you’ve met your match. The Masters Hammer and Chisel exercise regime is taught by professional trainers and fitness competitors, Sagi and Autumn. The fitness program is built on resistance-training using Sagi and Autumn’s unique expert muscle-sculpting methods. So, you’ll need a stability ball or bench, resistance band that attaches to a door or chin up bar, and a few dumbbells. And before you know it, you’re going to be ripped and exercising like a boxer.

P90X Series

train like a boxer, exercise like a boxer, how to train like a boxer, how to exercise like a boxer, beach body, online fitness, workout program,

The creation of P90X workouts is when Beachbody finally became mainstream – and for all the right reasons. These workouts are insanely intense, which is what’s needed if you want to train like a fighter. P90x2, specifically, is unlike any other fitness regime out there, as it uses a new science breakthrough called Muscle Integration to give you a ripped physique. But don’t be mistaken, all the P90x workouts are built for people who are serious about reaching their fitness goals. These workouts are like the boot camp of online fitness.


train like a boxer, exercise like a boxer, how to train like a boxer, how to exercise like a boxer, beach body, online fitness, workout program,

Beachbody’s Insanity workouts will put you in the drivers seat of boxing. You get a decent amount of cardio combined with plyometric drills that include intervals of strength, power, resistance, and core training. All of those things are workout essentials for professional fighters and boxers. So, this is an excellent place to learn how to train like a boxer. The best part? You don’t need any equipment nor do you even have to leave your house.

Body Beast

train like a boxer, exercise like a boxer, how to train like a boxer, how to exercise like a boxer, beach body, online fitness, workout program,

Who better to learn how to train like a fighter from than world-class trainer and former Mr. Israel, Sagi Kalev. The unique thing about this online fitness program is that it’s an all-in-one weight-training, nutrition, and supplement system. So, you get the fitness, health, and gains side of training like a boxer with the Body Beast program, which is exactly what you need.


Get all of these programs (plus hundreds more) for a fraction of the price with Beach Body on Demand.


July 31, 2017

You don’t have to love fitness to get fit; you just need to push yourself. That’s what the brand new, Beachbody Shift Shop program is all about. As long as you are willing to get off your booty and work out – starting with 25 minutes a day – you’ll see results by the end of the three-week exercise system.

But I know what you’re thinking,

Is Shift Shop program hard?

Why is Shift Shop for me?

How do I know Shift Shop works?

Will I see Shift Shop results?

These are the most commonly asked questions when it comes to any new fitness program. You have every right to think it’s too hard or not for you but the first step is to get rid of that mindset!

Instead, focus on the six reasons why you’ll love the Shift Shop program.

Shift Shop Base Kit: $59.85

Shift Shop Deluxe Kit: $119.70

All Program On Demand: $99.00

Shakeology Shift Shop Challenge Pack (DVD): $160

Shakeology & Annual All Access On Demand: $160

Shift Shop Performance Pack



Train with elite functional fitness trainer

With the rise of technology, anyone can record a workout and upload it. As such, not all online workout programs or even fitness trainers are created equally. In order to capitalize on your efforts, you need to train with a professional that knows what he or she is doing – and Chris Downing is it.

He’s often referred to as a Super Trainer, due to his unique approach to fitness that isn’t commonly found within the industry. Chris doesn’t just train beginners or experts. Instead, he designed a program that works for everyone – regardless of their current fitness level. So, whether you’re a self-proclaimed couch potato or an elite athlete, this program will work for you. Why, you ask? Keep reading…


Ramp up program designed to shift your body into next fitness level

The reason Shift Shop works so powerfully for different individuals at all kinds of fitness levels is because it’s a ‘ramp up’ program. This means that you start working at a level you’re comfortable with. As soon as you’re complacent with that level, the program shifts you into the next level. So, you never stop gaining muscle, shedding weight or improving your fitness. You’re constantly ramping up and increasing your health and fitness.


You only need three weeks

Don’t let the ‘see results in three weeks’ deter you. This is not a get-fit-fast program. You will be working for it and because of that, you will see results. There’s no magic pill or potion. If you want to actually achieve your health and fitness goals you have to be willing to work for them.

But the good news is, the results you see in three weeks with the Shift Shop is beyond what you’ll experience with some generic program. And by the end of week three, fitness will be a habit and it won’t feel like a chore to do.


You receive a nutrition plan

As you’ve likely heard, it’s 80% diet and 20% fitness. So, in order to actually shed weight and sculpt your body, you have to change your diet. Unfortunately, this is often the hardest part of losing weight but with the nutrition plan provided, you have everything you need. You know what to eat and what to cook, and you’re never left without a meal which is crucial as those days often lead to fast food visits!


So, start the Shift Shop. It doesn’t matter how out of shape or how athletic you are. This fitness program is designed to work for everyone and for all fitness levels.

June 28, 2017

Squats are inarguably one of the most popular fitness moves right now. With the trend of the bigger the butt, the better the butt, everyone is dropping down low with their knees bent at 90 degrees. However, a toned butt isn’t the only thing squats will give you, as this one exercise movement also burns more fat than any other.


Y0ur body works extra hard to repair your leg muscles

As you sit down into a squat, your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes are all getting a good workout. Together, these make up a fairly large portion of your body’s muscle. As a result, your body works extra hard to repair them after you work them out and the harder your body works, the more calories you burn.


Squats are more than strength training

It’s easy to assume squats are only for strength building but don’t be mistaken. While they are a great way to add muscle to the lower half of your body, squats are also an excellent source of cardio. Just be sure to increase the intensity and increase the weight as needed, and you’ll be accelerating your muscle mass, metabolism and weight loss.

squats, brazil butt lift, weight loss,


Squats have a large influence on your metabolism

Speaking of metabolism, it’s important to note that squats largely influence how quickly your body burns off calories. Since this movement works out the largest muscles in the body, the larger you build them, the more calories you burn even while you’re resting.


Combine squats with other aerobic activities

If you’re serious about weight loss, you can’t rely solely on squats. While they’re great for burning calories, you need some aerobic exercises to get your heart rate up. Plus, your legs will want a rest if you’re increasing the weights regularly. So, incorporate running, swimming, Zumba or another type of cardio into your weekly workout regime.


Eat clean and lean

You can do all the squats you want but if your diet is off, everything else will be as well. As the saying goes, 80% is diet and 20% is exercise, which is why our Challenge Packs incorporate things such as Shakeology and supplements. You need proper nutrients, minerals and vitamins, and none of the junk.


If you hate lifting weights…

I understand that doing squats at home or lifting weights at the squat bench in the gym isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. It’s important to find an exercise regime you like and want to do. So, if working out isn’t for you, try the Brazil Butt Lift online workout.  You’ll have such a good time dancing to Brazilian beats, you’ll forget you’re working out your body’s largest muscles.


June 22, 2017

You’ve finally decided to take control of your health and fitness. Good for you! And now, you’re probably left wondering how to get started and how to find motivation to work out. Have no fear; it’s something everyone goes through.

Today, I wanted to introduce you to Beachbody’s Challenge Packs because they’re an excellent way to kickstart your health and fitness – for a fraction of the cost.

What are beachbody challenge packs, online fitness, online workout,

What are Beachbody Challenge Packs?

Many people have been wondering what are Beachbody Challenge Packs. They’ve been popping up all over the Internet (for many great reasons) but no where does it really explain the true value of them. So, I’m going to break it down for you.

Beachbody Challenge packs are ultimate packages that help you achieving your health and fitness goals. It’s easy to get started with an online fitness program – and even easier to completely forget about the diet and nutrition side to reaching your goals. So, the challenge packs put everything you need in one place.

What Comes in a Beachbody Challenge Pack?

As I’m about to show you below, there’s a vast array of Beachbody Challenge Packs to choose from. However, each one includes fitness, nutrition and support, which are the three Beachbody fitness rules to succeeding!

With every challenge pack, you get a fitness program (you get to choose which one), one of five Shakeology flavors (again, you choose), and you get a 30-day free trial of the Beachbody on Demand to get the support you need. Mind you, I’m always here to give you that extra push as well.

How to Choose a Beachbody Challenge Pack?

Now that you know what are Beachbody challenge packs, you’re likely wondering how to pick one! There’s a lot to choose from, so I’ve listed some of the most popular ones down below, along with a complete list of all the challenge packs available.

Top 7 Beachbody Challenge Packs

  1. Annual All-Access Beachbody On Demand and Shakeology Challenge Pack: Receive all of the online fitness programs on demand for an entire year, plus Shakeology, plus support. So, instead of choosing one workout program for your challenge pack, you get all of them.
  2. 21 Day Fix Kickstart and Shakeology Challenge Pack: One of the most popular programs right now is the 21 Day Fix Kickstart, which is exactly what it reads. It comes with a detox, Shakeology, fitness plan, and all the support you want.
  3. 22 Minute Hard Corps Performance Pack: Another popular online fitness program is the Hard Corps and let me tell you, you better be serious about your fitness. It’s like bootcamp in your household. It also comes with supplements, portion containers and much more.
  4. Brazil Butt Lift® and Shakeology Challenge Pack: Butts are a huge fitness trend right now. So, this Beachbody Challenge Pack is definitely at the top of the list. It comes out with booty-burning workouts, Shakeology and support.
  5. CIZE® and Shakeology Challenge Pack: This is an excellent Challenge Pack for people who need to be doing something fun in order to stay on top of their regime. Dance your heart away to hip hop. You also get a meal plan and so much more.
  6. INSANITY® and Shakeology Challenge Pack: You’ve heard of the Insanity fitness program because and that’s because it gives you results! People love this workout program and the challenge pack comes with 30 Days of Shakeology and support.
  7.  PiYo® and Shakeology Challenge Pack: Another popular online workout program that tones your body is this one, complete with a challenge pack!

3 Dance Challenge Packs

  1. Country Heat and Shakeology Challenge Pack
  2. Hip Hop Abs® + Rockin’ Body® and Shakeology Challenge Pack
  3. Turbo Jam® and Shakeology Challenge Pack:

4 Reboot and Detox Fitness Packs

  1. 3-Day Refresh® and Shakeology® Challenge Pack
  2. 21 Day Fix® and Shakeology Challenge Pack
  3. Ultimate Reset® and Shakeology Challenge Pack
  4. YOUv2 On Demand and Shakeology Challenge Pack

Tons of More Beachbody Challenge Packs

  1. On Demand Performance Pack
  2. Body Beast
  3. 21 Day Fix EXTREME 
  4. 10-Minute Trainer 
  6. ChaLEAN Extreme 
  7. P90X
  9. RevAbs
  10. Slim in 6
  11. Tai Cheng
  12. The Master’s Hammer and Chisel


Now you’ll never have to wonder what are Beachbody challenge packs? Start one today and you’ll be happy you found out what they are!

June 13, 2017

If working out was easy, everyone would do it. But working out is one hell of a habit to get into. The last thing you want to do is get up from the couch just to become uncomfortably hot, sweaty, and smelly. However, exercise is a necessity and it’s imperative to your health and quality of life. So, remaining on that couch isn’t an option. You know you have to workout, you just don’t know how to get yourself started.

Fortunately, it only takes a couple of days for the benefits of working out to start kicking in. As each day passes, exercising will become easier and before you know it, you’ll be turning on your Beachbody on Demand without even thinking about it.

You just have to get past those first couple of days and I’m here to help with my favorite ways to get you motivated to make this powerful lifestyle change.

How to Get Motivated to Workout

1. Find an online fitness program you enjoy

Inarguably, the most important thing to do when learning how to get motivated to workout is to find an online fitness program you enjoy. This may take some research – or at the very least, some time to activate your Beachbody on Demand. Once you narrow in on the activities you like to do, it’s important to find a variety of options of that one thing. For example, if you like martial arts you’ll want to find several martial art-inspired workouts. This is imperative because even if you like a certain type of workout, doing the same one over and over again will take the fun out of it. So, make sure you have different online fitness programs available.

Ordering Beachbody On Demand is my favorite fitness tip to getting motivated because you’ll have hundreds of online fitness programs to choose from.


2. Schedule yourself time to workout

Organization is the key to getting in shape. When you don’t have time to workout scheduled into your day, you’ll have plenty of time to make excuses as to why you should skip it. So, pick a time that works for you and stick to it. Set a reminder on your smartphone if you have to.


3. Compare yourself to others


The modern day world is all about self-love and accepting yourself for who you are, which is great. However, this has resulted in tons of media channels telling you to avoid comparing yourself to others.

For a serious kick in the arse, I recommend doing the opposite. Start comparing yourself to the Instagram fitness stars you admire and print pictures out of your ideal body. Still love yourself for who you are but use other people’s bodies as a source of motivation to achieve your own goals.


4. Start with ‘half’ workouts

The hardest part about working out is always getting started. So, for the days when you simply don’t feel like moving – and we all have those days – plan to do half of an online fitness program. Chances are you’ll end up doing the entire thing because all you needed was to get started.


5. Display your worst picture ever

We all have that one photo we wish we could burn for fear someone will stumble across it one day. Well, now is the time to bring that photo out. Print it off and put it in the areas of your home that encourage you to be lazy. Think bedside table, front door, coffee table, outdoor patio chair, etc. You may sit down to binge watch Netflix but seeing your least favorite photo of yourself will motivate you to get up and workout.


Learning how to get motivated to workout starts with tricking yourself into working out. You just have to get started; you just need motivation to get up and get moving. So, start with the Beachbody on Demand. Knowing you already made the purchase and it expires after a year will motivate you to make use of it.

May 22, 2017

If everyone loved working out, there wouldn’t be an obesity epidemic. The reality is, working out sucks for the majority of people – to put it bluntly. Working up a sweat, pumping weights until you’re in pain, and feeling body aches for days after simply doesn’t sound like a good time. In fact, it’s a pain in your arse. So, most people don’t exercise as much as they should – if at all.


Fortunately, you can learn how to fall in love with exercise. Okay, maybe you won’t fall in love with it like all the fitness gurus on Instagram, but it can be more enjoyable – and I’ve got the secrets.

how to enjoy working out, how to fall in love with exercise, motivation to workout

Look forward to when it’s a habit

People say it takes three weeks for something to become a habit, but after a week of regular exercise, it’ll become much easier to complete each day. This is important when trying to learn how to enjoy working out because as soon as it becomes a habit, exercise will come to you like second nature. You will no longer drag your arse to do it; you just will. So, look forward to that moment when working out becomes habitual. Every day, you’re one day closer to exercise being a part of your life and that’s when you’ll stop wondering how to fall in love with exercise because it’ll happen naturally.

Remember your motivation to workout

how to enjoy working out, how to fall in love with exercise, motivation to workout

Everyone has a reason for working out. It could be to lose weight, to change your body, to get healthy, to remain healthy, to live longer – whatever it is, everyone has one. However, it isn’t just enough to have motivation to workout. You have to remember your motivation at times of weakness. Print photos of your goals and write your motivation to workout on sticky notes. Place them around your house in the areas you frequent, and you’ll feel more inspired to get moving.

Do an online workout that you enjoy

how to enjoy working out, how to fall in love with exercise, motivation to workout

If you hate doing something, you’re never going to do it. One of the most important tips for learning how to fall in love with exercise is to do something you love. If you’re into martial arts, do the Core De Force online program; if you love to dance, do a dance exercise. Beachbody has a long variety of different workouts. So, you’re certain to find one you love.

Change it up to keep the exercise excitement alive

Mundane exercises are never going to cut it. In fact, doing the same thing you love every day can quickly make you fall out of love with it. So, while you may enjoy doing martial arts exercises or workout videos, it’s important to switch it up so you don’t get bored.

Fortunately, this is really easy to do. With the annual on demand Beachbody access, you can try all of the online workout programs and keep the excitement alive!


So, stop wondering how to fall in love with exercise and start doing it. These are the four tips you need to keep you going!

May 11, 2017


If you’re not busting out squats, there’s a problem with your exercise regime. Squats are one of the most powerful workout movements you can do that does more way than what you may think. That’s why almost every online fitness program you’ll come across incorporates some kind of squat into the mixture. Whether it’s a dancing exercise, kick boxing exercise or even a yoga exercise, you will always find a squat movement. So, let’s find out why and what squats can do for your body.

squats, exercise movement, benefits of squats, squat benefits, beachbody, online fitness program

Squats build muscle beyond your booty

There’s a common misconception that squats are just for your glutes but the benefits far extend beyond your backside – no pun intended. However, squats build muscle throughout your entire body from your glutes to your quadriceps, calves, hamstrings, and many other muscles. It doesn’t end there. Squats also tone and tighten your abs and core, making it one of the best multi-purpose exercise movements.

Squats build muscle better

Squats are so powerful, they release human growth hormones and testosterone which trigger muscle growth. So, this exercise movement will also improve your muscle mass when you’re strengthening other areas of your body.

Squats are a functional exercise

The term ‘functional exercise’ is used to describe exercise movements that help your body while performing real-life activities. For example, squats help you lift heavy objects. However, there are many other situations where you squat and may not even realize it, such as cleaning the house and gardening. So, be aware at all times to ensure you squat properly to maximize your results and gain mobility, balance, and muscle.

For every pound of muscle you gain, your body burns an extra 50-70 calories per day.

Squats burn off fat faster

One of the most popular benefits of squats is that the movement burns more fat faster than other exercise movements. Since your legs have such large muscles, your body works overtime to repair them after each workout. As such, it eats up all those calories, resulting in less turning into fat storage.

Squats decrease risk of serious disease and illness

When you do the squat exercise movement, you’re (obviously) building more muscles. But what’s important is that these muscles are key to regulation your glucose, insulin, and metabolism. As a result, squats can help you protect against serious disease and illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes.

Squats increase and maintain mobility and balance

With the prior mentioned, it only makes sense to explain that squats don’t only increase mobility and balance, but also maintain them as well. This is a huge benefit as you get older because strong legs are the key to mobility. As an added bonus, having stronger muscles, connective tissues, and ligaments help to prevent injuries.

Squats help keep you regular

…And we aren’t talking about the Squatty Potty that makes you squat to go to the bathroom. Instead, we’re talking about waste removal in general. Squats help move along your body fluids, which improves the process of transferring nutrients to vital organs and removing toxins and waste from your body. As a result, you have more regular bowel movements and far less indigestion problems.


The benefits of squats are beyond what most people believe and once you commit to dropping down low with your knees above your ankles, you’ll be amazed at you results. So, if there’s any exercise movement you should be doing on the daily, it’s squats and you can find them in almost all online fitness programs.


May 2, 2017

With the trend of “the bigger the butt, the better the butt” seemingly not going anywhere anytime soon, you’ve likely wondered about the best workouts for a bigger butt. Well, you’ve come to the right place to put your wonders into a workout. Here are proven movements that will make your booty grow!

5 Best Workouts for a Bigger Butt

best workouts for a bigger butt, glutes, movements, exercise, brazil butt lift

1. Brazil Butt Lift

I figure there’s no better place to start with the 5 best workouts for a bigger butt than my absolute favorite – Brazil Butt Lift. It’s an ideal program for anyone who wants a bigger booty, who gets bored at the gym or who simply hates working out. This is a dance workout that is designed with movements that target your three butt muscles; gluteus minimum, gluteus medius, gluteus maximus.

The Brazil-inspired movements along with a Carnival theme is the perfect way to get excited about working out and getting a bigger butt!

best workouts for a bigger butt, glutes, movements, exercise, brazil butt lift, beachbody, butt lift, brazil, booty, online fitness, online workout

As a result, you get a nice, round, plump booty because you’re working it out from all different angles. It also combines all of the movements mentioned below into one, which is another added bonus. There’s also three versions of Brazil Butt Lift, so you’ll never get bored.


2. Squats, Squats, Squats

This exercise movement for a bigger butt probably doesn’t come to you as a surprise. Squats are a great way to build up your booty but they need to be done properly in order for you to reap the benefits.

best workouts for a bigger butt, glutes, movements, exercise, brazil butt lift


Start by slowly dropping into your squat as if you’re taking a seat on a chair.

Keep your back as straight as possible, with your hips and thighs at a 90 degree angle.

Engage your glutes.

Slowly come back up, squeezing your glutes.

Stay controlled from start to finish to maximize results.

Start with basic squats; add body weights when you’re ready, then upgrade to kettle bell squats when you really want to feel a burn.

Squats are also a great way to burn fat quicker!

3. Hip Extensions

best workouts for a bigger butt, glutes, movements, exercise, brazil butt lift

As easy workout that’ll channel your inner Kim Kardashian is the hip extensions. This workout can be done right in your home with absolutely no equipment at all. When you’re ready to upgrade, you can add on ankle weights to get more of a burn and bigger booty.

Start on your hands and knees.

Keep your back straight.

Raise one leg with your knee bent a 90 degree angle.

(Pretend you’re carrying a tray of food on your foot and can’t drop it)

Feel the squeeze in your glutes for 10 seconds.

Lower your leg.

Repeat with other leg.

The key is to keep your body and booty muscles engaged the entire time, and push that leg up. Really feel the burn.

4. Glute Bridge

best workouts for a bigger butt, glutes, movements, exercise, brazil butt lift

Yet another incredible easy workout that has landed itself on this list of the best workouts for a bigger but is the glute bridge. You don’t need any equipment at all and can do this movement while catching up on your favorite television shows.

Lay on your back with your knees bent and feet flat.

Squeeze your butt, lifting it off the ground and until your body forms a straight line.

Keep your feet flat and shoulders planted on the ground.

Lift, squeeze, and release.

When you’re ready to turn up the heat, place a dumbbell on your pelvis and lift. The added resistance is sure to make that booty grow – and burn.

5. Stepping Up

best workouts for a bigger butt, glutes, movements, exercise, brazil butt lift

No, I’m not talking about the movie. Although, it is a good one. Instead, one of the best workouts for a bigger butt is simply stepping up. If you have a workout stepper, pull it out. If not, head on over to your stairs and start taking steps.

Step up to a higher level.

Step down.


It’s that simple, but make sure you’re feeling the burn in order to maximize your results.


If you’ve been looking at your backside in the mirror and it had you feel flat, weighed down – or anything opposite to plump, you need to put these best workouts for a bigger butt into action.