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April 28, 2017

Like most things in life, there are many common misconceptions associated with the Shakeology shakes from Beachbody. Some people believe they’re just like any other shake, whereas others don’t think it will do as it says. As an avid Shakeology drinker, I wanted to take the time to address – and debunk some of the most common Shakeology myths.


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Myth #1:

It’s not a fitness shake for all lifestyles

This Shakeology myth couldn’t be any more untrue. Shakeology has several different versions to ensure a nutrient dense shake for everyone – regardless of their lifestyle. Even if you’re vegan, there’s a Vegan Shakeology version. You just have to look at the different types of Shakeology available to find the one that suits your needs the most.


Myth #2:

It’s just a protein shake

With so many protein shakes lining the shelves of every health and fitness store out there, it can be hard to narrow in on the ones that are the best. And let me tell you, the best ones aren’t just protein shakes.

Shakeology is a fitness shake. What this means is that it’s a nutrient-dense drink that contains superfoods to give you the whole food nutrition you need to thrive throughout the day – and throughout your workouts. So, you get all of your protein requirements as well as your nutrient requirements which allows you to maximize your results.


Myth #3:

Protein Shakes are just fillers and extracts

While it’s true that some protein shakes out there could very well just be fillers and extracts, the same can’t be said about Beachbody’s Shakeology. We get into this a bit more in the next myth debunk, but Shakeology is formulated to give you the higher amount of nutrition possible without all the junk. It’s a fitness shake full of everything you actually need.


Myth #4:

All you need for ultimate health and fitness is carbs, fats, and proteins

As disease and illness continue to be on the rise as a result of all the chemicals and toxins found in foods, it’s important to take a natural approach to your diet and fitness shakes. While you do need carbs, fats, and proteins, not all fitness drinks are created equally. With Shakeology, you get everything you need with no added colors, soy, artificial stimulants, flavors or sweeteners. So, it’s not just a fitness drink but rather, a health shake.


Myth #5:

Shakeology is for weight loss and nothing more

If Shakeology was only a protein shake, this myth might be true. However, since it’s a health and fitness drink, it’s for everyone regardless of their health and fitness goals. As long as you want to maximize your results by infusing your body with the right nutrients it needs to develop muscle, heal and repair your body.

Shakeology can certainly be used for weight loss as it’s a healthy meal replacement that will stop cravings and make you feel full for longer, that’s not it’s only purpose.


If you’re ready to reach your ultimate potential and health and fitness, you have to try a Shakeology fitness shake. Explore the different kinds of Shakeology to find one that suits your needs and health and fitness goals.

January 18, 2017


Whether a fitness enthusiast or fitness coach, you’ve come to the right place. In order for you to train your best in 2017, you have to work with the best. That means the best fitness coach, the best attitude, and the best online fitness programs. Since there are literally thousands of fitness programs to choose from, and just as many that completely suck (for lack of better words), we are going to get down to the nitty gritty of it.

Instead of filling your brain will all of the online fitness programs you can do in 2017, we have narrowed it down to the best workouts of 2017.



Shakeology Challenge Pack

shakeology, fitness coach, Online fitness coach, personal trainer and coaching, fitness trainerUnless you’ve been living under a rock and have zero social media channels, you’ve probably heard of Shakeology. It’s one of the best online fitness programs that has been at the top of all the must-have fitness program lists.

To give you a brief idea of what Shakeology is, it’s your daily dose of nutrition made delicious and simple. These shakes are packed with superfood and protein and will kick off your day, get you fired up for your pre-workout or make your body feel great post-workout.

Now, we recommend the Shakeology Challenge Pack because it gives you everything you need plus a year subscription to Beachbody workouts on demand. As an added bonus, you can get all of this for much cheaper than what it usually costs right now.


Core De Force

shakeology, fitness coach, Online fitness coach, personal trainer and coaching, fitness trainer

Similar to the prior, Core De Force is a popular online fitness program you can access right now. It’s an intense, kick-your-arse kind of online fitness program that will burn away fat while allowing you to get gains.

It also offers a lot of variety, which we believe is really important. If you’re doing the same thing over and over again, you’ll get bored and you’ll be more likely to cheat or skip gym days. The Core De Force program is packed with different kinds of  MMA mashups, and it also comes with an eating plan, proportion containers and so much more.



Country Heat

Don’t let the name of this online fitness program fool you. Although you’ll be enjoying some good ole’ country music and dance, you won’t be casually line dancing with the Country Heat fitness program.

shakeology, fitness coach, Online fitness coach, personal trainer and coaching, fitness trainerInstead, these high-energy workouts are low-impact and simple to do for just about anyone. If you’re a fitness coach, this is a good one to have to get out-of-shape clients moving. For everyone else, it’s just fun and one hell of a workout.


This list of the best workouts for 2017 could go on and on but we don’t want to bore you. Instead, come back next week and find out even more! And if you’re ready to become a fitness coach today, join our Beachbody team and take control of your future.

2017 is your year!


April 14, 2015

A guest post from 12 Star Diamond and founding coach, Traci Morrow When Shakeology was added to our exclusive Beachbody Coach store, it made a lot of sense to me: the idea of a meal replaced with a shake that in effect, filled in the large gaps of my present diet’s nutrition. An unhealthy accumulation of days – even years – stacked up where my body wasn’t getting what I was needing and I felt it. Tired, feeling run down from my busy life, and out of time to prepare what I thought I needed – or did I even know what that was? Fruits that don’t taste all that great anymore because they’re pulled from the trees or vines too early for mass crops, vegetables that came from a frozen bag and devoid of flavor as well. I’m a terrible pill taker, so my multivitamin consumption was more hit than miss. A shake that “acted like a salad but tasted like a dessert” is what it said, and as a protein shake consumer, I was game.

Shakeology turned out to be far more than I knew to hope for. A complete system: two workouts (30 and 50 minutes), a month of recipes for both flavors, and a meal plan (through the Club) for how to incorporate the shake into my day? This wasn’t just a meal replacement shake that was going to require me to figure out how to incorporate it into my day – this was a lifestyle shift and one I desperately needed if I wanted to LIVE healthy. I love being able to speak from personal experience of how the Shakeology system has helped me regain energy, and have everyone I love on it! My 70+ year old parents, my 86 year old father in law, my siblings, my teenagers, and my 6 & 7 year olds love it too. All ages, both genders; experiencing health in a shake and a lifestyle shift that helps “End the Trend” of obesity, fast food diets, and highly processed foods that harm our generation..starting with us. ☺ If you’d like to try Shakeology for free, ask for a free sample and I’ll be happy to send you one!

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