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What if you had a personal trainer, motivational coach, nutritionist and a great friend on call 24/7 who’s whole purpose in life is to help you achieve your goals by living a more healthy and fulfilling life? It would be alot like my newsletter. This is the best thing I do every week and it’s free.

Every week I bring to you real time actionable info designed to help you with healthy living, making fitness fun and overall hotness. It will usually come on Sunday, which hopefully will find you in a relaxed state where we can carry on a nice conversation. If not, then just take a look whenever you can throughout the week.

One of the things I am most proud of with my newsletter is that you can simply hit reply and talk with me. I’m the one there, only me. Not a team people, just me. Test it out and see. I promise I’ll write back.

My goal every week will be to give you some great insight that will in some way help you to improve your health, fitness and your life.

One last thing. There are no social sharing buttons on my newsletter and that’s on purpose. Occasionally there may be a link or something if I think it will be valuable to you, but that’s it. Why? Because this is for not for all the world to see, just us.

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