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Squats are inarguably one of the most popular fitness moves right now. With the trend of the bigger the butt, the better the butt, everyone is dropping down low with their knees bent at 90 degrees. However, a toned butt isn’t the only thing squats will give you, as this one exercise movement also burns more fat than any other.


Y0ur body works extra hard to repair your leg muscles

As you sit down into a squat, your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes are all getting a good workout. Together, these make up a fairly large portion of your body’s muscle. As a result, your body works extra hard to repair them after you work them out and the harder your body works, the more calories you burn.


Squats are more than strength training

It’s easy to assume squats are only for strength building but don’t be mistaken. While they are a great way to add muscle to the lower half of your body, squats are also an excellent source of cardio. Just be sure to increase the intensity and increase the weight as needed, and you’ll be accelerating your muscle mass, metabolism and weight loss.

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Squats have a large influence on your metabolism

Speaking of metabolism, it’s important to note that squats largely influence how quickly your body burns off calories. Since this movement works out the largest muscles in the body, the larger you build them, the more calories you burn even while you’re resting.


Combine squats with other aerobic activities

If you’re serious about weight loss, you can’t rely solely on squats. While they’re great for burning calories, you need some aerobic exercises to get your heart rate up. Plus, your legs will want a rest if you’re increasing the weights regularly. So, incorporate running, swimming, Zumba or another type of cardio into your weekly workout regime.


Eat clean and lean

You can do all the squats you want but if your diet is off, everything else will be as well. As the saying goes, 80% is diet and 20% is exercise, which is why our Challenge Packs incorporate things such as Shakeology and supplements. You need proper nutrients, minerals and vitamins, and none of the junk.


If you hate lifting weights…

I understand that doing squats at home or lifting weights at the squat bench in the gym isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. It’s important to find an exercise regime you like and want to do. So, if working out isn’t for you, try the Brazil Butt Lift online workout.  You’ll have such a good time dancing to Brazilian beats, you’ll forget you’re working out your body’s largest muscles.


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